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Python is a widespread programming language used in countless applications, from machine learning to web development.

Having advanced Python skills gives you a competitive edge on the job market. Proficient Pythonistas are in high demand in companies of any size, from small startups to giant corporations like Google.

This course has one main goal: turning advanced beginners / intermediate Python programmers into advanced Pythonistas.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Apply advanced programming concepts in Python.
  • Employ advanced Pythonic techniques to make your code more fluent.
  • Know which advanced Python techniques and concepts to use in different circumstances and why.
  • Design and build efficient data pipelines./ multi-component applications.
  • Write cleaner and more maintainable code.

Why should you take a course on advanced Python?

In my work as an AI (audio) consultant, I interact with many data scientists and software developers daily. Over time, I have noticed that the majority usually reaches an intermediate level of fluency in Python and then plateaus. 

Their code is OK but it’s not great. They often struggle building complex applications. 

Intermediate programmers miss out on a big opportunity to:

  • advance their career landing more senior jobs;
  • get higher salaries;
  • increase their productivity;
  • create cleaner and more maintainable code.

I created this course with these people in mind. Advance Python Programming provides them with the tools to get to the next level, and land more senior programming jobs.

Who’s this course for?

This course is NOT for everyone. Python beginners SHOULDN’T take this course. You need advanced beginner / intermediate Python skills to follow along. To be specific, you should be familiar with:

  • Basic Python syntax
  • Lists, tuples, dictionaries, …
  • Functions
  • Classes

The categories of people who can benefit from this course are:

  • Computer Science / tech students
  • Data scientists
  • Data engineers
  • ML Engineers
  • Junior / mid level software engineers
  • Experienced programmers can also benefit. They can refresh advanced Python concepts. 

How’s the course structured?

With Advanced Python Programming, you'll get approx. 6 hours 30 minutes of video tutorials, exercises, and additional resources.

The course is divided into 2 parts:

  1. Advanced Python Concepts
  2. Practical Project: Data Pipeline

In Part 1, you’ll learn Python advanced topics in self-contained lessons (see Curriculum section for details).

In Part 2, you’ll combine most of the techniques you’ve learned in Part 1 to build a data pipeline. During the practical project, you’ll also learn how to plan and design a real-world application following best practices that make your code cleaner and more maintainable.  


Available in days
days after you enroll
  Part 1 - Advanced Python Concepts
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Part 2 - Practical project: Data pipeline
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll

How will I learn?

In this course, you’ll find a mix of step-by-step video tutorials, theory-based presentations, and code show-and-tell sessions.

Lessons usually consists of: 

  • A video; 
  • Additional learning resources;
  • Exercises that will help you put into practice what you have just learned.

Who’s your instructor?

Hi, I’m Valerio Velardo! I devote my life to building programmes, researching, and teaching all things at the crossroads of AI, programming, music, and audio. 

I’m a Python and clean code fanatic, obsessed with R&D and production code. You may know this if you follow my YouTube channel The Sound of AI, where I share educational content on (audio) AI and programming.

Since 2018, I’ve been working as an AI (audio) consultant. I have helped numerous tech startups and enterprises all over the world to implement their AI audio vision. I consult both on the R&D and production (MLOps) sides.

In 2016, I co-founded a startup company that built a real-time music generation system for video games.

I have a PhD in AI Music. During my doctoral studies, I focused on rock music generation using AI. 

What my students say about the course...

"This course is packed with lessons and exercises that will teach you many advanced features of the Python language. After taking this course, the quality of my code has increased both in my work and personal projects. Whether you are in your early/mid career as a Python developer, or an experienced programmer looking to gain exposure to the Python ecosystem, I highly recommend this course to you. Not to mention, Valerio is a fantastic teacher who can present complex topics in a straightforward and approachable way." - Jesse Hill

"This course presents a lot of interesting techniques for modern python programming in a very accessible and enjoyable way. Ideal for refreshing your knowledge or learning some new concepts that you will definitely find immediately applicable on the daily to write more elegant and effective python code." - Leonardo Folletto

"I find this course excellent, the concepts and demos about data-based classes, object-oriented programming, custom error handling, and context managers were very enriching for me, and I actually started to apply them to my job and personal projects. There were a lot of topics and material, but it was well presented and synthesized. Great course!" - Fernando Garcia

You have no risk!

I have packed a lot of topics in Advanced Python Programming, that I'm sure will help you master Python and land more senior positions.

To eliminate any risk on your end, I've decided to provide a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

You can go through the course, watch the videos, follow the practical project, and solve the exercises.

If you're not satisfied with the course in the first 30 days, you can get back 100% of the money.

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